Open Entry



OpenEntry is a​ social venture offering e-commerce services to millions of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. It was originally developed by and then spun off from PEOPLink a non-profit organization based in Kensington, Maryland​. PEOPLink, founded in 1994 by Dr. Daniel Salcedo, has the mission of helping artisans and SMEs in developing countries benefit from the exciting new opportunities opened up by the Internet.

OpenEntry features an extremely low cost shop- and marketplace-building platform based on free Google cloud services, as well as offline tools that enable merchants with limited Internet access to build online stores and access any number of globally curated marketplaces.  The platform also enables third parties (such as local youth or small business assistance offices) to build shops for merchants who lack the time or expertise to build their own, via the OpenEntry website or OpenEntry’s shop-building Android app.

Role: Product Consultant

Worked with OpenEntry founder Daniel Salcedo to focus OpenEntry on a core set of product features and services, as well as prioritizing an initial growth channel of third party agents that build and maintain online shops for merchants in developing and emerging markets.  Advised Dr. Salcedo on the fundraising strategy for OpenEntry’s spinoff from PEOPLink.

Key Skills: Product management, business strategy, fundraising, growth strategy, user metrics.