Aviation Weather Information Network



NASA’s multi-year AWIN initiative drove the development of information technology tools that helped pilots and dispatchers better source, interpret and disseminate weather events.  This is included AWARE and AHAS, enhanced weather briefing and reporting tools designed to integrate large amounts of varied weather data to provide clear situational awareness in the context of a specific pilot, flight and equipment profile. AWARE and AHAS employed a bayesian network-based situational awareness system integrated with a temporal-spatial database and a data collection agent that sourced and interpreted massive amounts of real-time weather data from around the country.

Role: Program Manager and Research Scientist

Managed the development of the AWARE and AHAS programs for Rockwell International and NASA from 2000 to 2003, first as Rockwell team member and then later as an independent consultant.  Primary technical responsibilities included development of a data acquisition and interpretation tool that could compile large amounts of human- and machine-generated reports, as well as design and development of the AWARE and AHAS user interfaces.

Key Skills: Program management, product design, user interface design, data interpretation, data visualization, team management


NASA, Rockwell International