Enterprising Health


Enterprising Health is a business accelerator for entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to improve health. Funded by Ascension Health, the largest faith based non-for-profit healthcare system in the United States, Enterprising Health was first launched in Flint, Michigan as the fourth implementation of the BoP Protocol and has since moved to focus on Detroit and surrounding communities.

Role: Project Lead and Field Director

Led the development of the first Enterprising Health implementation in Flint, Michigan from late 2007 to early 2010.  Pitched and designed the project, led selection of the project site, recruited a multi-disciplinary team of business and community professionals, trained the team and Ascension Health executives in community engagement and business design methodologies, and guided the team through a multi-year implementation of the BoP Protocol.

Key Skills: Business development, business design, business modeling, recruiting, team training, curriculum development, project management, stakeholder management, conflict resolution, and workshop facilitation.



Ascension Health